Visa fullständig version : Relakks Payment via European Standard Wire Transfer

2007-11-18, 03:46
In 2002 the European Commission ruled that banks aren’t allowed to impose any extra payments for bank transfers between European Union member countries, so I’d like to ask if it is also possible to pay directly via wire transfer!


For example here in Germany wire transfer is the most common way to buy stuff online (credit cards aren’t that popular) and paypal isn't that popular too - it already had some “visits” at the “Customers beware!” section of Germanys most import IT magazine (the “c’t magazine”).

There is also a special paragraph for Sweden in the regulation that also allows you to transfer Swedish Kronas instead of Euro, so customers could also pay directly in Kronas!

Winston Smith
2007-11-18, 13:41
Clickable: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wire_transfer#Regulation

2007-11-20, 22:30
Thanks Winston Smith !

2008-01-03, 13:10
I found this in a filesharing forum:

We are in a legal dispute with PayPal, so we want use there services

until its fixed. You can pay “manually” if you want (it’s the absolute best way), send money to our Relakks account.

IBAN: SE7712000000012210110645


“Don’t forget to put in your UserID (five digit

number) or Alias”.



Can anyone confirm this? Does this work? Is this the real Relakks iBan?

Ken Rabelius
2008-01-03, 14:04
i would advice NOT to send any money until its confirmed!

it might be a scam.

2008-01-23, 08:25
So, since they didn't reply to my e-mail (as usual), how to pay while Paypal isn't working and asking if this is the real Relakks iBan I am giving the whole thing a try and will transfer 6 € for another month to their bank account (on my own risk).

2008-02-06, 21:37
how did it go?

2008-04-01, 06:27
Payment via PayPal is now working again.

2008-04-29, 14:29
paypal unable to receive money? :/

2009-01-16, 01:44
Anonymous (2008-Feb-06)how did it go?

Sorry I didn't report back, but since Relakks introduced the 30 days free of charge accounts shortly after this posting I thought it wouldn't be necessary as long as you can get Relakks for free anyway. We'll the 3 days trial isn't bad too, but in case anybody cares:

Yes, it did work!

I've send them another mail after I've transferred the 6€ and then they activated the account.

I remembered this thread after I came across this posting in a German filesharing forum:

You can always pay directly to our bank account. If the Paynova payment service wont work.

Danske Bank

IBAN: SE7712000000012210110645


Don’t forget to put in your alias or UserID.

(It will take a couple of days before we get the paper form the bank that you paid, so please be patience.)

You can also pay directly to us 5€ (50SEK) one month 50€ (450SEK) one year. Send money to

Martin N


Winstrupsgatan 1

222 22 Lund


Relakks shoud really install an automated system for wire-transfer payments like for example Rapidshare.com already did!

But the IBAN and SWIFT numbers are still the same, so I think it isn't a fake and you can indeed pay via wire-transfer again!

But I would strongly advise everyone not to pay via international credit transfer, since it can be very expensive and to use SEPA wire-transfer instead if possible which is free of any extra charges. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is in some ways the successor to the European Standard Wire-transfer and will replace all national European banking systems till ~2012 and is therefore also free of any extra charges.


(At least if you pay in Euro, as Martin suggests. I've had a long dispute with my bank about the paragraph of the European Standard Wire-transfer regulation that allows you to make payments in Kronas. At first they denied such a paragraph even existed and stated their computer-system didn't allow transfers in Krona but after I showed them a copy of the according European law, they talked to their foreign affairs specialist, which then pulled a clever trick and stated that I had indeed the right to make transfers in Kronas, but this would cost me a 25€ fee for my 6€ transfer (since the law only prohibits extra fees for European transfers but doesn't regulate the fees themselves - so they simply stated their standard fee for transfers in Kronas is 25 € ;)).

Btw. the countries that participate in SEPA are: All EU countries, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

2009-02-06, 00:16
Well it seems as if Relakks has finally sorted out their payment-provider troubles!

No more free accounts since today. Instead of that there is now an English translation of the paynova payment-dialog.

Guess it's paytime for me again. :cool:

Well at least you can expect the speed and the overall time till login will improve now, since a lot of trial-users will get kicked the next days...

2009-02-11, 01:32
Paynova won't work for me. Does it only accept Visa cards?

2009-02-20, 16:52
Anonymous (2009-Feb-11)Paynova won't work for me. Does it only accept Visa cards?

Well, atm PayNova doesn't work for me either. When they "outsourced" their payment handling to PayNova in January, my CC (Visa) worked and despite the swedish payment dialog I was able to place an order (one month) successfully. After the subscription ran out, I tried a couple of other VPN-providers, but Relakks was superior regarding speed and ping times. So I came back a couple of days ago and tried to pay, unfortunately to no avail. This is starting to p*ss me off, as even the mails to the customer service are ignored. I was used to the lack of customer service at Relakks, but one should exspect they answer at least the inquieries regarding failed payments. In the end they want to do business, right?