Visa fullständig version : Relakks, any service?

2008-01-22, 11:28
Hi there

I’m new in the game, and I've just heard about relakks. It sounded pretty nice, so I signed up.

However, I can't get it to work at all. I lose connection a few seconds after i connect through relakks - there are no problems when i use my "normal" connection.

It's properly me, who has done something wrong - but I don’t know what. Therefore I've contacted relakks by email (and of cause used the guide they mention).

Now my question for you guys is - do they answer emails? And how long do it usually take? I don't wanna spam them, but on the other hand - I have paid for something that - for now - doesn't work.

If anyone know anything about the loss of connection issue, any help will be appreciated (I’ve used their setup guide for WinXP and I’m using a router (Linksys WRT54G) and used the port they mention in the Q&A.

Have a nice day :)

Henry Rouhivuori
2008-01-22, 14:13
Relakks doesnt answer emails I have read in forums.

Maybe their machine(s) have temporary failure so you can't connect.

PRQ have tunnels.

But propably their services costs more money than Relakks.


The web page is currently available in Swedish only. Please contact us for information in English regarding our services and pricing. Write INFO in the subject field to guarantee a quick response.

Ken Rabelius
2008-01-22, 17:27
well rellaks works fine when it works (stability seem to come and go, but to that price its worth it, it works atleast 95% of the times i try ;) ).