Visa fullständig version : Arthur Rodrigues, brasilianare

Rick Falkvinge
2006-03-09, 13:38
<DIV class=emailHeader><DIV class=emailHeaderName>From: Arthur Rodrigues &lt;arthursrodrigues@gmail.com&gt; </DIV><DIV class=emailHeaderName>Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 02:04:44 -0300 </DIV><DIV class=emailHeaderName>To: info@piratpartiet.se </DIV><DIV class=emailHeaderName>Subject: Translation of the site. </DIV><DIV class=emailHeaderName></DIV></DIV><DIV class=emailBody>Dear sir,

I´m a brazilian and I´m very excited about the program of the party. I´d
like to translate the site from english to portuguese and help in the
translation to spanish.

Yours faithfully,

Arthur Rodrigues</DIV>