Visa fullständig version : Relakks disconnect

2008-05-09, 11:08
Hello everybody,

I am actualy testing relakks free 30 days, and I see that when I download (only when I download) I am only disconnected after a moment (from VPN and from Internet), have you similar problem? have you found a solution for this problem?

Thank you very much :)

2008-05-09, 17:59
The service was always a bit unstable and I guess due to the free trial period things got worse.

Simply install Comodo firewall to make sure applications like p2p-clients don't use your "normal" IP in case Relakks crashes and activate Window's "redial in case the connection is lost" feature for your relakks-connection (also use "remember password", "wait 10 seconds between redials" and "redial up to 999 times"). Against the reconnects themselves there is nothing you can do.


2008-05-10, 23:47
Thank you, I am going to test this solution... :)

2008-05-10, 23:54
Please, I have others questions:

Can my isp detect that I am using a VPN?? and can he block it??

Thank you :)

2008-05-11, 01:11
Yes they can and they can also block it. But why should they?

The data is encrypted so they don't know what you are doing with the VPN. A lot of companies use VPN connections to allow employees to use company data while they are at home.

2008-05-11, 09:05
Anonymous (2008-May-11)Yes they can and they can also block it. But why should they?

Perhaps because, in our epoch, certain isp control the custommer trafic ;)

Thank you :)

2009-04-02, 18:31
I dont get the comodo method to work, however the adress i get from relakks does not start with 83. What should i do`?

2009-04-08, 15:45
I used the IP range for Relakks - as mine does not start with 83 either. This range is a little on the safe side.