Visa fullständig version : Position on moral right copyright & sui generis DB law?

2009-04-23, 15:44
What is the Pirate Party's position on 'moral rights,' which are present in some copyright systems but not others? Moral rights are distinct from the economic rights you have discussed in that they permit the creator of a work to disallow use which is morally offensive to her/him. For instance, an outspoken vegan could prevent her/his song from being used in a McDonald's advertisement, even after the period of commercial exploitation had passed. It is a difficult balance to strike, as it must be shown that the objection is in fact a moral one, rather than a disguised economic one. Furthermore, many countries which have moral rights seem to go too far: in France the right persists after the death of the creator, and in Belgium you cannot photograph an architect's work.

I'd also be interested in knowing the Pirate Party's position on sui generis database laws. These should be easier to repeal than other forms of IP law as they are only in the EU rather than part of international agreements.