Visa fullständig version : Supporting the piratpartiet from France !

2009-04-25, 17:57
Hi everybody :)

I'm Pierre and I come from France, Paris. I don't speak Sweden but I wanted to support your action. As Christian Engström said on a famous French paper ( http://www.lemonde.fr/elections-europeennes/article/2009/04/17/le-parti-pirate-sera-represente-au-parlement-europeen_1182147_1168667.html#xtor=EPR-32280229-[NL_Titresdujour]-20090417-[zonea]&ens_id=1182228 ) ,there is the feeling in Europe than policies stole our privacy by trying to forbid web sites as The Pirate Bay to work althought most of net surfers (at least of my generation, I'm 22) download on it.

In France politicians try to vote a law at the moment ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HADOPI_law ) allowing them to control download by penalizing (by the way this is useless, because their law is based on IP adress research which can be easily falsified). I think they try to do the same in Sweden by sending to jail the 4 leaders of The Pirate Bay.There is an European conscience about this topic. Maybe you can use it to help Piratpartiet become stronger.

Eventually I wanted to say we have to struggle for our rights, because if we leave politicians take control by promulgate new laws about the internet, soon this freedom will belong to past and money is gonna rule it once again...

We're not alone thinking this way, I assure you! Good luck ;)

2009-04-25, 18:57
Hopefully, all the media attention worldwide the swedish Pirate Party has received after the TPB verdict, will increase the awareness all over Europe, and increase support for all Pirate Parties.

That is actually one of the most important things with a possible pirate MEP from Sweden. It takes a general knowledge of the *existence* of a pirate party, before the public opinion actually consider voting for a pirate party. And that general knowledge has taken three years to build up in Sweden. Maybe a pirate MEP can speed up the process for you in France, in Germany and in the other nordic countries.

Time is on our side.

Ed. In Germany, although membership is more cumbersome to obtain, applications are substantially up as well after the TPB verdict. Close to 10% up!


2009-04-25, 23:11
BigBang. I'm glad you found our site.

Why is there no Pirate Party in France? Maybe you have some other party representing the people's right to integrity and freedom of speech?

Often we see you in France as a good example of a people that do not accept bad government. You tend to protest and say enough is enough. But what about now? Is there a French movement that advocates freedom of speech and the right to citizen privacy? I'm sure you are many that oppose the opressive rules that are being introduced, but is there any real movement? I hope you manage to get organized and work against these totalitarian tendencies in society. All we want is a truly free society. Good luck in France!

Edit: Ooops. I found Le PartiPirate Français (http://parti-pirate.fr/). Good luck!