Visa fullständig version : Good research on copyright and patents

2009-04-30, 16:14
Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine have published a book Against Intellectual Monopoly (Cambridge University Press), which they also make available online for free (http://levine.sscnet.ucla.edu/general/intellectual/againstfinal.htm).

Very thorough, good, exhaustive and well documented research.

Anyway, two important things that they point out is (1) that most research for developing new drugs is already paid by governments through grants given to universities. (2) Patents actively hamper the development of new drugs, since researchers can't do any further work on patented developments without a license and patent holders don't give licenses, because a new drug could hurt their sales.

I thought you might want to point that out in your "An alternative to pharmaceutical patents".

2009-06-24, 07:39
To Promote Service Innovation: Proposal for a New Intellectual Property Right to Protect and Share Innovative Services

Abstract: This paper proposes a new intellectual property right to promote service innovation. Although holders of the proposed right will be able to neither monopolize the use of the inventions nor collect a license fee, the right could give inventors an effective incentive to invent innovative services. The right could protect service inventions, promote the efficient use of the inventions, restrict free riding, and complement the existing patent law.


Revised version of AEA (Applied Econometrics Association) Conference "Patent and Innovation" paper (December, 2008. Japan)

It's an idea to get rid of the patent system.