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2009-05-09, 02:31
I would be hugely interested in setting up/rebuilding/setting sail on the seven seas with the UK Pirate Party.

There's a huge anti-corporate feel just about everywhere... yet there's things like fair trade that show people do want to pay the price for those that have worked for it... rather than fat chief executives sitting on their arses.

Anyone else in the UK interested in starting talks/action for some kind of party? ... In particular stunts like the faces of filesharing one I think happened in Sweden... It's almost second nature for people my age (21!) to download music, films etc... but it doesn't mean we don't want to support those same artists. What are they going to do, jail 90% of teenagers in the UK?....

Tobias Ljungström
2009-05-09, 11:24
That's a great initiative! I get the unfortunate feeling that the UK is one of the countries that need a pirate party the most. Since the elections for EU Parliment are coming up we're all pretty busy, but you should keep in contact here on the forums and also contact the "administration" at info@piratpartiet.se.

2009-06-03, 23:20
I agree. The UK needs a pirate party and we should make one.

Simon Strandman
2009-06-09, 00:51
Captin (2009-Jun-03)I agree. The UK needs a pirate party and we should make one.


It looks like they could use some help!

Adrian Wainer
2009-06-29, 17:35
I wonder if one suggested that they should start a campaign to allow the Right Honorable Mr George Galloway MP the opportunity to go in to space aboard a North Korean rocket, if these guys have a forum would one get suspended. Meow!



Best and Warm Regards

Adrian Wainer

2009-07-12, 17:21
A UK Pirate Party sounds like an absolutely fabulous idea! Especially now that the Swedish Pirate Party will be represented in the EU parliament, pirates of the would should unite and speak up for privacy and integrity issues and the future of cyberspace. The internet should not be strangled by those who fear it, it should be developed by all who see the possibilities and improved business opportunities in it. :D