Visa fullständig version : Czech Pirate party

Anezka Bubenickova
2009-05-10, 15:19
Hi all,

We are just starting a pirate party in Czech republic. Unfortunately we started to late to be able to participate in EU parliament elections, but we are trying to get into czech parliament election in Autumn.

Just now is everything going here as fast as soaped weasels so we don't have much spare time and politics is for most of us terra incognita.

We will be certainly very grateful for any advice we could get.

Regards Anezka

John Nilsson
2009-05-10, 17:54
Anezka Bubenickova (2009-May-10)We will be certainly very grateful for any advice we could get.

Sure! Just ask away and we'll help in any way we can. :)

Anezka Bubenickova
2009-06-20, 15:06
News from Czech Republic.

We succeeded in registering us as political party.

Next step is national parliament election in October.

Billy Gellerstedt
2009-06-23, 22:38
Great.. =) Dont be dismayed if you dont make it the first election tho.. we only got 0.36% in our first national election, but 3.5 years later that has grown to 3.9% in a recent poll for the national election in about 14 months, and as you know, we got 7.13% in the EU election..

Perseverance is your friend here.. =) Old media does not want competition to their world view.. =)

2009-07-14, 18:10
This is indeed sweet music to our ears :D It's wonderful to hear that so many brave people are speaking up for themselves and making their messages heard. The various pirate parties around the world will definitely be more influential in EU and local politics if we support and inspire each other along the way. Welcome aboard!