Visa fullständig version : Open Source Software at Public Computers

2009-06-05, 09:42

Maybe it's not exactly your field but I need to share my idea with you. Recently I've seen The Corporation documentary (http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FA50FBC214A6CE87) and there's this hearing of a software developing company that made soft for some kind of elections in US (computer voting). The guy clearly states their software is able to shift the votes between the candidates and there are no problems in falsifying any elections. For me this is outrageous! If the votes can be manipulated than there's possibility that when, e.g., the prime minister uses his laptop (Vista/XP based...) he might be unknowingly supplying M$ (or any other company) with secret information. If you think it's just my imagination than I just want to remind you few years ago there was this issue when Windows XP used to send some data about the computer to the supplier...

OK but what to do with it? There are two options: either use open software for public purposes or force companies who supply gov to make the source codes available to the public so that everybody can have look at it. And I think this would be good item for the Piratpartiet's program. :) I look forward to the discussion!