Visa fullständig version : URGENT: Support online petition to german parliament against censoring internet till 16.6.2009

2009-06-11, 10:36
Hello Pirates,

In short: Germany plans to block child porn www sites by DNS-Blocking (or more effective methods) - a stop sign.

The right to decide which sites should be blocked only is given to the BKA (german FBI) - no controlling by jurists or parliament is planed. Furthermore, it is (or was?) planned to protocol your ip when you try to access those sites (even if you did only by accident) - and if happen a couple of times, police maybe visits you to check your system...

Against this plans there is an official online petition going on in germany (see below). And because of german constitution and law EVERYONE can sign it.

So please support this online petition, which will be closed at 16.6.2009.

A HowTo copied from:


Hey everyone,

I just want to point out (or try to with my bad English) that EVERYONE in the whole world is allowed to support this petition, because german constitution grands everyone to write petitions to the german parliament (or any other public institution of germany). This right has the totality of a human right in germany (some might say, because we are a nation of complainers ;-)) - Even childern may.

If you can read German, in this thread of the discussion site of the online-petition, you can read exactly the laws that grand you these rights:


(starts with a discussion to fill out the registration correctly - later that foreigners are allowed to sign the petition also)

So - why should foreigners sign a petition - THIS petetion - in germany:

1.) Even if you are a visitor in Germany, you have the right (again granted by german constitution) to get information by every (legal) public source you like - without censoring. Of course child porn illegal. But the mechanisms to block this content can easily exended to every content - and there are no general control mechanisms - the BKA (german FBI) decides by itself which sites should be blocked - the perfect mechanism for censoring.

2.) If you are in germany, and let?s say, go to an internet cáfe or use the connection of your hotel - and you reach a blocked website with bad luck, your IP is stored by the BKA. And the BKA has then officially thinks you are searching for cild porn - and because you are using internet not from home - there is the danger that it is not possible to find you the very next day. It might be not nice, if the police awaits you in the lobby of your hotel - only because some spambot or cyber-worm ?helps? you to find illegal sites.

3.) The lists of blocked sites are secret. If you are not using a german provider, you will never know if YOUR homepage, blog, commercial website, ect. is blocked.

4.) This is an infrastructure for censoring - and we all know, if its installed, it will be used and extended. Do anyone in the world wants to have the germany Nation to be uninformed, wrong informed, censored? - AGAIN. History shows - we can do this quite effective and with uncontrolable consequences.

sign the e-petition to show, that even foreigners don?t want Germany to be censored again.

1.) make an account on the petition portal of the german parliament:


email (repeat email), password (repeat password)

And then your name and adress:

Frau/Mann = Mrs./Mr.

Name = sirname

Vorname = first name

organisation = institution, company? (optional)

Titel = academic title if any (optional)

Straße und Hausnummer = street and house number

Postleitzahl = postual code/zip code

Wohnort = place of residence/city

Land = country

Bundesland = federal state of germany/foreign countries - choose the last one (AUSLAND) if you are not living in germany

Telefonnummer = telefon-number (optional)

then activate option ?Ich bin einverstanden? - which says, you are ok with the privacy-policy of the portal.

At last prove, not to be a bot with:

?Visuelle Verifizierung? - type in the letters you see in the picture on the bottom of the site,

Then push ?Registrien?-Button.

Your username is generated automatically: ?NutzerXXX? - XXX is a number.

2.) sign in with the username and your password.

3.) Sign the e-petition:

You find the right one at:


click on: ?Petition mitzeichnen? - sign petition

Its in the field ?Anzahl Mitzeichnungen? (number of signings) - the forth blue box.

Congratulations: You have signed a e-petition to the german parliament - against censoring the internet.



2009-06-11, 20:47
They missed something in the registration procedure.

Before you can sign in, you will have to click on the link in the mail which you will get from "Petitionen"

2009-06-12, 12:40
Feel free to translate this in any language and publish it as quick as possible in Blogs/forums/Twitter.

2009-06-12, 12:56
Link with youtube video to subcribe german petition against internet censorship


Please support the movement for free internet in Germany.

2009-06-12, 16:41
Hi, you can use the form on http://www.leyenhaft.de/petition.php - It's a copy of the original one translated to English. It's not possible to translate everything because the CAPTCHA will only load after visiting the original form. But that might be a little help for you.

2009-06-17, 00:30
online petition is closed - but you can still support the petition offline.

A HowTo and some formulars to do so will follow soon (in another thread)

Thanks to signers all for their support!