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Rick Falkvinge
2005-12-28, 20:55

No matter how brainwashers keep repeating it, I won't buy it, never! Intellectual property in all of its forms is immoral, I do not accept it. Copying is never theft. Theft means the originator no longer has the item. The copying of ideas and duplication of bits never is.

I do not believe that an economy based on the concept of intellectual property is guaranteed to be better. Yes, having good ideas and brains should be rewarded, but it does not have to be through state protection. I have good ideas every day on my job (as an independant consultant), I get recognition and good references for that, which enables me to find new and well paid contracts.

A company that is the first, in these fast times, already has a decisive advantage time-wise to profit, they don't need state protection IMHO.

As for the arts: they flourished in the past (highlights in the 18th and 19th centuries w.r.t music/composers, for example) without any state protection. I am 100% convinced that artists don't need to be very rich for them to produce art. In fact, historically, most artists have been rather poor. True art (music, sculpture, drama, literature) doesn't have ANYTHING to do with lots of money. Todays commercialism rather destroys it.

I am 100% convinced that some types of "entertainment" would have to change without state protection, but also that something better would come into its place. Art and entertainment have always existed, 1000s of years before anyone though of the idea of copyrights etc. And yes, it will damage an industry today, but others (e.g. consumer electronics) will grow instead. It has always been like that, the invention of electricity also made a lot of jobs redundant but brought a lot of different (often better) jobs.