Visa fullständig version : Your Pirate Party in Ireland is a waste of time.

Adrian Wainer
2009-06-29, 15:54
You are more like politically correct do gooders than, pirates.


Several of your threads seem interesting and a couple seem to be based on pure emotion and one in particular was a clear message of hate. While I dont want to stifle any form of free speech I will need you to calm yourself down a bit. This is a serious political movement and we cannot condone your behaviour on certain issues especially when you advocate sending dermot ahern into space as a way to get rid of him.

Now what i would like from you is a promise of certain things. Firstly I would like your word that you will think carefully before making new threads and/or posts and construct them in a dignified manner and in such a way as to get c clear message across without coming across as being overly emotional or extreme in your views.

I also need your ord that you will not double/triple/quadruple post as you have already done. Doing so makes things nigh unreadable and look extremely messy. If 24 hours have passed then a double post is understandable but after just a few minutes it is unacceptable.

Until we sort this out your posting rights have been removed. I dont want it to stay that way so please respond soon and we can get this sorted out quickly.

Im not sure if pms are blocked with this software when posting rights are taken away (Happens in some forums) so just in case you can email me at



Best and Warm Regards

Adrian Wainer