Visa fullständig version : Greetings, Pirates, Arrrrgh

2009-07-08, 11:08
Greetings, Pirates and Various Sundry Scaliwags:

I have read your statements with interest, amusement and disdain.

Surprisingly, I agree with a lot of what you say. For example, I think it is ridiculous that copyrights extend 70 years after the death of the author. However, your proposal of five years is just as silly.

I think it quite interesting that the article you guys wrote and I read was copyrighted.

I know you don't want to hear this, but the world revolves around MONEY! Dang those enterprising people, they want to be rewarded for their work. This is true whether they are singing a didy or creating the cure for cancer.

Take away the reward for enterprising work... and there won't be any. The pursuit of profit may be EVIL, but without it, we would still be weighing damsels to see if they are ducks to be declared witches. She turned me into a newt!

I am a photographer. I shoot sports photography for my local newspaper for which I am not compensated (my choice). I use to spend hours of my time making the photographs available online for purchase to help support my habit - my camera kit cost more than $4,000. People loved my pictures. I found them all over My Space. I made a name for myself. Very few actually purchased them. I don't put them up any more.

If you ruled the world... nobody would put them up anymore.

Thank you.


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-07-11, 13:22
The 5 year period is just a figure, we think it is a good number to start there, very few companys that revolves around IP plan to make money in periods of longer than 4-5 years for that particular IP. So why should they keep the monopoly of earning money after that period of time, they can still make money on that IP, its just that they do not have the sole right to do so anymore. But if 5 years are shown to be to short, we can grudgilly agree to extend it. Certain IP's would ofc require longer IP protection, but that needs to be applied for, it should not be done automatic, much like it works with patents today.

Did you have any commercial use of your photos? If not, be very happy that your photos are plastered everywhere, because the more your photos with name and link from where they came from (we feel very strongly that attribution is a must if your using it non commercially, and commercially) will enable you to find work where you did not before. It may not come at once, but someone somewhere will probably buy photos of you because of what they saw online, followed the link etc..

Let me ask you this, while your pictures was online, did you earn LESS money than you did before, did your sales of sports photos plummet or? What where the price of the photos, what kind of payment method did you use (was it FAST and EASY to pay you for your photos? like *klick* *klick* *done*) If not then ofc ppl wont buy your photos if its a hazzle to pay for them, and they must find the price worth to pay. I myself would perhaps pay 1-2 dollars for a photo I plan to use at a place wich I make. Bundle deals are nice, but if you do bundle deals the price goes up and its no longer a no issue to pay you when the price becomes 10-20 dollars.. unless ofc its a bundle of say 100-200 photos for 1/10 of the price.. then it starts to become worth it again..

But as I said, I dont know how you did your site with your photos..