Visa fullständig version : Thumbs Up

2009-07-22, 19:01
I am from Egypt. I have been with the IT technology for the last 23 years and with the internet since 1994.

Today July 22 2009 I saw an article about the Pirate Party in CNN. It was the most cheerful and good news I ever saw in my long career.

It is time we stick together for a free world; free the worst dictatorship ever, corporate dictatorship, power of gold, they succeeded in influencing the most democratic and powerful governments in the world utilizing their police forces to ban freedom of ideas and science for the sake big corporates that are becoming richer by the nanosecond with executives flying in private jets while some people on this planet lack even basic necessities like food and clothing. I am a communist or even socialist, I am just for fair treatment to humans.

The Pirate Party is a candle of justice in the darkness of corporate stronghold on our necks. Let us embrace it and fight for its principles.

I am so happy we finally are fighting back the monster masters of greed.

Cheers to you.

2009-07-24, 21:56