Visa fullständig version : How do we start a Pirate Party in US?

2009-07-23, 23:50
I am sick of the Democrats and Republicans! Time for the Pirate Party to close ranks on all this that is corrupt in the US.

Please help me find a way to organize and start this movement in the US.

2009-07-24, 02:15
It's already started. Check http://www.pirate-party.us!

2009-08-05, 12:47
Good luck =)

2009-09-22, 22:13
Voting reform has to happen before any 3rd party in the US will be anything but a spoiler. Until a voter can vote his conscience without throwing his vote away, NO third party is viable. FairVote http://fairvote.org/ seems to be leading the charge for Instant Runoff Voting in the US. Support for IRV needs to be a fundamental platform in the Pirate Party.



2009-11-17, 21:03
I too am in the us and am all for a pirate party. Being raised a republican my whole life I do love our ideals but this patriot act bull shit has got to go. I will probably be arrested for even posting this

2009-11-23, 22:36
I just think i found somthing interesting, but off-topic.

In the Us your born and raised whit your ideal and you express you political ideas, while in sweden you wont even tell anyone were you heart is, even while asked:P

Now thats funny!

However, i heard you guys had a pretty free net compared to us:O:P;)