Visa fullständig version : Greetings from Turkey

2009-07-27, 00:40
Hi everyone this is Fazli!

I am a Turkish guy who is a student in the United States. I would like to say that we are as Turkish youth observing what the pirate party is doing in around the world. We already keep introducing what is the pirate party and what is their mission. I can say that, even you don`t have a Turkish website, you have hundreds of thousands supporter. We keep watcing you and wanna be volunteer to spread this idea in Turkey.

Best regards,

Fazli Kazak

B.A. economics

the George Mason University

2009-07-27, 02:38
Huzzah :D

2009-08-17, 20:31
action must be taken, since access to culture is even more limited economically here...

2009-08-20, 11:04
That's good. Really good. And don't worry! The revolution will spread to Turkey too.

2009-08-20, 13:03
Merhaba Fazli!

Glad to here that, I have been in Turkey a lot and like it very much and welcome forces that improves freedom of speech and other civil rights.

Best Regards


2009-10-01, 17:18
If it helps there is a Turkish page of piratebay and I'm Turk so entering it everyday:D You have to be in Turkey to see it or use a Turkish connection from USA.

http://thepiratebay.org/ when you use this link in a Turkish server then you will be directed the Turkish website of piratebay and there is pirateparty also in Turkey.But they are deadborn.I hope it will be better...