Visa fullständig version : Greetings from Germany

2009-08-09, 02:37

Just wanted to give you a quick hello. Congrats again for the successful European elections.

The German Pirates made it to approx. 1%, which is still fairly good.

Wish us luck for the upcoming German elections in September.

2009-08-09, 15:13
Welcome and Good Luck :D

2009-08-09, 20:17
Thank you. You should remember that the Swedish Pirate Party only got 0,63% of the votes in its first election (the Swedish national election of goverment in 2006).

Simply put: Even if the German Pirate Party "only" got 1% it was accually an even greater success.

Great work!

And lets help the other parties that not yet has come as far.

2011-10-15, 21:56
To spare resources let's recycle this thread ;)

For this of you who are interested: Some pictures of the future MP (starting octobre the 27) in Berlin shown on SPON: Link Fotostrecke (http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fotostrecke-73000.html).
The final result differs, as usual, slightly from the result at election day. It's 130.105 votes and 15 of 149 (instead of 152) seats now.