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2009-08-15, 11:15

Okay, I *sort of* like what you guys are about.

I'm sitting here listening to Sigur Ros's 'Glossoli', and wishing badly I had the video....

But, as far as I know, it's unobtainable. I downloaded it a while back, but it was DRM'ed to hell. And I would have been quite happy to pay for it too...sigh...

So how much 'art' like this is being flushed down the toilet in the interest of profit...and that does indeed make me mad.

I'm also disgusted with the general approach the RIAA/MPAA etc take in enforcing their copyrights, and how they are criminalizing people for sharing stuff they love and think will make other people happy.

It is indeed out of hand and something needs to change badly.

On the other hand...

The core principle of the pirate party seems to be: 'preventing piracy involves personal privacy invasion - ie: to 'solve' piracy entails my computer being constantly 'snooped' on - therefore get rid of copyright'.

And I most certainly agree that NO ONE should be able to access my computer or ANY of me belongings without my permission.

But...isn't this the same as saying 'the only way to prevent rape is to have a camera in every bedroom - therefore, legalize rape'?

This seems wrong headed - the law is not, has never been and can never be perfect - it's a compromise we all choose to live with for the 'greater good' - I think 'absolutism' like this is dangerous.

And on a more personal level: copyright should only last 3 years - really?

I am an independent software developer who manages to scrape together a living via the royalties on products that span a time frame from about 8 years ago to stuff I wrote recently.

To take away my royalties from the older stuff would probably put me out of business!

Obviously, from the perspective of people who want my software 'free', this isn't problem...but it does mean I wont be writing any more...and

And this is where I have a problem with whole Pirate Bay thing. Sure, it's a big 'up you' to the major players - who do deserve it - but isn't it also hurting many, many more smaller players, like me, who really need any sale they can get?

The argument against this always seems to be - 'well, I don't owe you a living - find another way to get by'. But this does mean that a bunch of stuff that would have been created, wont. And how can you say that's a good or bad thing, seeing as it wont happen?

Just curious...!


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-08-15, 11:57

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2010-07-23, 09:32
Good point! Apparently only big companies will be those who actually gain from the pirate party activity. (Was all of the buzzing around just a part of their plan??). Small players will be all out of business soon.

One question I wondered: How many of pirate party supportes are making their living as the Creators of the culture they are so eager to spread around? I won't be surprized if 99% of them appear just consumers looking for big rebates on high-value goods. If so, why don't they stop consuming (and sharing what is not theirs) and try to make and sell something of their own? Just for one day, week? Daring?

Cancelling the copyright after some short period of time will certainly draw some more outcome beside removing individual and small sellers from marker. Let me tell you of my kids, who spent a big amount of time while in their school years always busy listening and sharing some quite old music and video stuff with their class mates. Why did they do this? Because they didn't care of value of the stuff, just wanted every day something new. And the old creation is much easy to get for free that something as recent as 1..2 year old. Hey, Big Guys from big entertainment industries, see, you are losers, too!! (if this is you who made up this pirate-party buzz) because you won't be able to sell new stuff to those who are quite happy with old things for free! Then soon the motivation for creators to do a new stuff will be totally jeopardized, as will be the value of the old good things, since they will be easy to be sought around for free.

What will be our even farther future then? As the legal market stuck too much at the give-away thing, the black market will soon catch up. Most of the goods in-a-great-demand will be voided soon (no matter how much technology is involved in replication -- technology itself is not for free, it may be overwitted by newer technology good funds are put in). Then you will be surprised to see things you once gave away to poor countries, talantless-in-the-area people etc.) being sold back to you (far from zero price!) by those same people who were once given them.

Think of the future you are creating and see do you like it or not.

Thanks for reading.