Visa fullständig version : Researchers and their low-volume scientific books and articles

Old Researcher
2009-08-19, 17:08
As a retired researcher in the EU who signed away his copyright to publishers for my books and for every article of mine a journal has ever accepted for publication going back to the pre-computer days of the early 1970s, I am in favour of what you are trying to do.

The main political issue is on dowloading music and films, where there is a mass market. Academic publishing is a different ball-game. There are no profits to speak of but, as your website's DRM page link to the long chapter in Lawrence Lessig's online book on Free Culture shows http://libreria.sourceforge.net/library/Free_Culture/CHAPTER10.html#ArchitectureandLaw:Force, all authors – and especially researchers who can't afford an agent - should be worried.

It has been possible for my last 2 books to be downloaded to my computer, though the file has been configured to make it impossible to transfer it to a CD or save it to cloud storage so I could retrieve the file when I change computer. Its effectively fixed to the computer its downloaded into.

So getting a new computer leaves me without my books online. I've tried getting a replacement copy from the publisher, but to no avail. They don't say no but I get led a merry dance that leaves me nowhere.

There is also a lot of Digital Restriction Management to ringfence access to articles in scientific journals, ironically even articles I have authored I cant access to read if either I privately - or my university - don't subscribe to the journals or if I don't fork out the price of an article - to buy my own article! I guess I would have to contact each publisher separately for each such work of mine and ask pretty please may I have a complimentary digital copy of my own work?

We have let all this happen by default.

Any other researchers out there who are in the same position?