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2009-09-10, 11:04
After Warner Brothers (WB) forced thousands of children's videos to be taken down over copyright disputes, I made a video to stick it to WB by choosing an artist and song that was over 50 years old and thus under EU law the copyright protection had elapsed.

Ironically, it was Sony who disputed the copyright of the song. Even though the artist was listed on WB's books not Sony's books.

I disputed the claim on the grounds that under EU law there can be no copyright protection for material over 50 years old. (The 75 year rule only applies to songs and films made after 1995).

My video was took down and I was warned by youtube that unless I delete all my videos that have disputes on then I will be took to court - while I have every confidence I would win the case, I cannot afford the legal costs so complied by deleting my entire account in protest that youtube will take the word of some fat cat corporation over its own users even when that corporation is disputing a copyright that they do not own themselves.

Youtube have made themselves clear that they will only respect US copyright law and not other international copyright laws. I have news for youtube - the internet is not US space and US laws do not apply in the EU!! This whole affair has just demonstrated that the US entertainment industry sucks - not only do they produce crap films but they like to bully individuals. It is great to see a political party in Europe prepared to stand up to the US entertainment industry.

Billy Gellerstedt
2009-09-11, 02:57
well, if youtube servers are in the US... US copyright laws apply..