Visa fullständig version : French pirate party.

2009-09-21, 10:51
The french pirate party did 2.06% yesterday, at legislative elections, in the 10th discrict of Yvelines region.

This score is amazing, because they didn't have any budget, they didn't do any flyers and Maxime Rouquet (the pirate party candidat) make the announcement few weeks ago.

This first time for the pirate party is a good start, to be know by electorate

Link of the pirate party compaign in Yvelines: http://yvelines2009.partipirate.org/2009/09/21/resultats-du-premier-tour/

Link of the french pirate party: http://partipirate.org/blog/index.php



Billy Gellerstedt
2009-09-21, 13:31
Gratz I must say.. =)

2009-09-21, 23:05
Vive la France! Or at least 2% of it. :)