Visa fullständig version : Our music - Our industry - Our rules

2009-09-22, 09:53
Hi Pirates,

We think it's time to stop arguing with the major labels controlling the industry. They had their chance and blew it. It's quite strange for how long they're already getting away with restricting and threatening their customers.

Faomus suggests to challenge their ways, we are keen to hear your opinion and want you to get involved. Our project is dedicated to music and not to shareholder value. We want to create more opportunities for musicians to pursue their passion professionally and more influence for fans like ourselves on the market conditions.

We believe that only a fan-driven industry is able to set and sustain fair standards and diversity. Faomus does not want to act politically but we endorse many views of the Pirate Party especially regarding copyright and privacy. Along with the political power music fans should also recognise their economical weight and use it to press for changes.

Let us know how you want to shape the music industry on www.faomus.com/en