Visa fullständig version : Peace politics

Henrik Rydberg
2009-09-25, 21:35
To enchore the peoples survival it is essential to secure all life nessesatys.

First of all I encuragge all civilians to subbmisson to other power order than the state. Bank-busissnis, religus communitys and/or freedom under UN law is possible altrnativs.

Military and polise are sopposed to enforce law, order and peace as they do today and those things are inded life nessesitys. (If peace is remowed people will die in war related couses)

Today people can buy life nessesitys on credit. Loans can be repaid to banks but if we lack basic life nessesatys as food people will of stravation or of the violense coused by desperation to get food. The public are incurraged to use there money today to secure there survival of them and future generations.

Survive by securing acces to life nessesitys!;)

Henrik Rydberg
2009-09-25, 21:53
I will make one thing clear to all who beilf in the strong mans right. You can be backstabed and assasinated in case of total war. Personal military strength is futile vs. flexapble military force. There are many ways to kill and the enemy will use you're weakness agenst you if you are outnumbered. Being a peace worker does not mean ignoring the possebility of a just war, I will advocate extremists as long as there actions are legal.

Henrik Rydberg
2009-09-25, 22:21
Political peace will be enforced by advance espionage proceding. Political peace in times of anarcy is an espinage responsebility.

2009-10-03, 14:59
Human rights have been mechanically enforced with magical power.

Henrik Rydberg
2009-10-03, 15:24
Anonymous (2009-Oct-03)Human rights have been mechanically enforced with magical power.

This statement is true. Who guts to test?