Visa fullständig version : Brazilian curiosity

2009-09-26, 13:18

my name is Bruno, I'm an anthropology student in Brazil at the University of São Paulo and I have this research project about studying the online sharing of cultural products, and the organization of communities around this as a common interest. The Pirate Party is, of course, of great interest as a main subject of this study and I'm looking for anyone directly engaged in the activities of the Party basically to have an interview session and to be introduced to the daily activities, how people are envolved and what´s the network of relations supporting the Pirate Party. It' s actually quite simple what I'm looking for, nothing more but a chat with someone that' s into this, just to get acquainted, since this is just a preliminary phase of my research.

Ah, a very important detail: I´m in Göteborg right now, I´ll be here for a few more days and then go to Stockholm. So I was wondering if someone out there, living in either of those cities, who's an activist, would like to meet me to have a chat.

Overall, I'm very fond of the party' s ideals and very curious about it, so I'd be happy if I could take this opportunity of being in Sweden - where the whole thing began - to get to know it!

So, anyone who'd like to get in touch with me, you can reach me at my e-mail: xmeiou@gmail.com

Tack så mycket for your attention!


2009-09-27, 02:39
I mailed u. :) Don't know if im qualified enough but i am active in the party. :)