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2009-10-08, 21:59
Is a long time I wait for something like this to form, exist and manifest. The letters of this announce are not big enough for what important I think it is what I want to say. And I`m sure many of you will agree with me.

The main reason a massive movement like this is hard to manifest is the lack of cohesion.


This movement should have a common language for communicating internationally, and should be translated in all international languages, for the separate countries.

IT SHOULD EXIST AN INTERNATIONAL FORUM IN ONE LANGUAGE! Maybe English, since is the most spread international language and almost everybody speaks it (I`m not native English speaker, so I don`t say this to make things easier for me and my co-nationals).

The international website of the movement should have daily news and actions, examples of what goes wrong and what could go better if people support our proposals.

The movement should have few people who are doing only this and leave out of the organisation`s money, probablly donations.

This is not a Swedish, French, German, Hungarian or Spanish matter we're talking about here. Is VERY important for the future of mankind! So, it has to pass the borders of Sweden. Make an international forum for this, not only a sub-forum in English with a few threads. Link it to Pirate Bay, there are A LOT of PPL there.

It should be made much more known to the world! Flyers, posters, meetings and manifestations.

Try to get some important scientists, artists, important public figures on your (our) side! This is a very good method of spread the word.

Get people meet physically, not only on internet, is very important! Organize manifestations.

I`m SURE a lot of people will adhere to these ideas, not only for their rightness, but also because they offer a REAL alternative to the enslaving and disgusting politics everywhere in the world these days. Cover more points of interest for people, in this crisis period (not only financial, but political and MORAL crisis) and people will follow.

Give some examples, give them figures and ideas.

I could speak more, I will give you only one idea that comes into my mind now. I saw on the American pirate party`s page an image with a baby smoking. Might be very funny, but is very infantil approach, it will maybe get a few smiles, but it will also discredit the movement as a serious one. Sorry if I bothered anybody here, I just wrote my 2 cent ideas how they came in 5 minutes.

2009-10-10, 15:06
Ah, the old Diversity vs Mono-culture?

But I think you are looking for http://www.pp-international.net/.