Visa fullständig version : Christian Engströms(Pirate Party MEP) English Posts about his work in the EU Parlament and such things

Billy Gellerstedt
2009-10-23, 15:12
I will try to keep this thread up to date, but chances are I will not be able to do it all alone, so if you got something in english that has to do with Christians work in the parlament, dont be afraid of posting them in this thread so our international viewers can read about it to.

Do provide a short summary of what the links are about, ie.. dont just provide a link.. =)

2 posts about the work around the Telecompackage and the amendment 138.



Billy Gellerstedt
2009-10-25, 00:36
The Hadopi test for the Telecoms Package


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-10-29, 02:03
Here is what Henrik Alexandersson says about the rumors concerning amendment 138 in the telecom package.

Henrik is a employed helper(proper title?) of Christian Engström in the parlament.

"Reports in international media suggest that the European Parliament have backed down from the famous amendment 138 to the EU Telecoms Package. (The one demanding prior ruling by a court of law if any member state starts disconnecting people from the internet.)"


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-11-02, 13:59
Telecom package meetings on Wednesday


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-11-05, 03:09
The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers reached agreement on a text tonight. The conciliation process is now over. The acceptance of the text was unanimous by the parliament’s delegation, i.e.: including us Pirates and Greens.

This is the final text (compared to the parliament’s last proposal):


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-11-06, 13:01
Landmarks in the Telecoms text


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-11-10, 11:59
IP Observatory in JURI

The Legal Affairs Committee JURI today discussed an initiative by the Commission to set up an ”EU Counterfeiting and Piracy Observatory”. I have written about this earlier (in Swedish).


Billy Gellerstedt
2009-11-23, 23:39
Christian Engström, Pirate MEP
23 november 2009
Final debate on the Telecoms Package

Today the European Parliament held the final debate on the Telecoms Package. It will be voted in plenary tomorrow (and will be adopted then).

I got to hold a speech for two minutes in the debate. This is what I said: