Visa fullständig version : Three Strikes Law "strikes" back

2009-12-17, 23:49
Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP) is supposed to have violated three times the copyright (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=de&ie=UTF-8&sl=de&tl=en&u=http://www.gulli.com/news/sarkozy-3x-berf-hrt-raus-aus-dem-internet-2009-12-17&prev=_t)
first strike
"Its beginning took it all with a song of the band MGMT, which were used in a Wahlclip." (Wahlclip = clip for party campain)
second strike
"They hastily removed the logo of the original copyright holder and stated instead that the film was produced by the "audiovisual media service" of the president. Shortly thereafter they brought several hundred copies of documentation among the people. The original manufacturer - Galaxy Press - had sold only 50 copies. Sarkozy's party had brought more than 400 illegal copies on the road."
third strike
"Many feverish with joy by this fact already. They hoped for a third violation. The wait seems to be rewarded. As recently became known, the UMP has infringed the third time in a row, the copyright of an artist. This time it's a video clip, singing in which some politicians of the UMP. The problem is simple: The music was not properly licensed."

I have to apologise that it is a google translation (http://translate.google.com/) from a German "News Ticker" gulli (http://www.gulli.com/news/sarkozy-3x-berf-hrt-raus-aus-dem-internet-2009-12-17).