Visa fullständig version : Piratpartiet poster and flyer art?

2009-12-18, 21:30
On the Piratpartiet website there used to be jpg's and pdf's of poster and flyer and sticker art, but now I can't find it. Is there an archive somewhere?

I do see some here: http://www.home.neab.net/piratpartiet/Affischer/ , but the one I'm looking for (Din granne, din syster, din papp och du sjalv .... Fildelning ar inte ett brott) isn't there, and that imples to me that there's others missing as well!

2010-02-02, 18:19
I do not know what else you are looking for, but the "Black Sail logotype" is linked to in decent resolution here:



And there are other images on the shoppe under Klistermärken: