Visa fullständig version : Canadians continue to challenge ACTA, eh?

2010-01-28, 08:26
HAIL From Canada!

Good news from the deep woods of Northern Ontario!
Our favorite NDP politician Charlie Angus keeps hammering the
pressure on the Canadian Government for transparency on ACTA.


More great news and insider information continues to flow from our
favorite University Canadian law teacher and copyright reform
advocate Dr Michael Geist.


"Consumer advocates declare war on copyright treaty" story picked
up in the CBC news.


PPCA leadership tested the waters at a recent anti-prorogue rally
in Vancouver with PPCA election candidates showing up at other
organized on face-book protests.
It's cold in Canada in January man. We're hosting the Winter
Olympics very soon - hope ya'll "break a leg - hosers." :)

We want you all to know that Canadians are not sitting idle and as
public awareness grows. You will see a big public freak out from the
general population as more Canadians become aware of ACTA.

The sleeping Polar Bear in Canada is now awake, hungry for file sharing and seeing his
internet ice disappear. Our Beavers are angrily smacking their tails in protest and
considering lumber trade sanctions on USA for being so alarmist. Even more enraged are the
Canadian hamsters in BC that generate electricity on turbine wheels for much of bankrupt California.

We have forward momentum! YAR!!


2010-01-28, 09:32
I think it is the beginning of the internet revolutlion. Since everyone will have the net and noone wanted to loose it even while he does filesharing the icommunity will come togather closer than never before. If there are PIRATES in all countries, there would not be a single vote lost in the next election.

2010-01-28, 22:07
Canadians are pretty much peaceful, polite and even a bit boring....but....
Threaten our freedom or the liberty of our friends and we'll fight till the last man.
Beware to those who threaten our friends and fellow internet explorers and creators.
We fight in hockey just to motivate our teams to win and this aspect of our culture is present on the internet....
We have a Pirate Party team full of innovators led by a white hat elite hacker....
We have politicians, lawyers and teachers who won't stop bitching in public until all the cards are on the table.
Make no mistake aboot it and I say this in no uncertain terms...

We still have a lot of boot.ini left to fill.