Visa fullständig version : Sugestion for amendment hindering DRM to EU copyright law

2010-05-22, 07:53

As you know in Europe it is common that when you buy blank CD's DVD's and
recently even HDD's some part of the price goes to the national rights
Holder association, as a compensation for private copying.
Aside of the fact that most pirates most likely see this "taxes" as
illegitimate (as copying should be international recognised as a basic
human right), its the current "is" state and not that simple t change
given the current legal framework.
But I head an Idea how at least temporary use this to promote our interests:
When A rights holder receive money for the right to copying he should not
be allowed to use technical measures to prevent this copying.

So I would suggest a amendment to the current law that prohibits rights
holders form using DRM or copy protection and at the same time receive
this "tax" money.
So they will be forced to chose between using DRM (witch in the end does
not work and never will) or getting a few millions € every year.

If we could pass this amendment EU wide this would be independently of the
choice of the Bit industry Members positive for us, cause eider we force
them to drop DRM or to loose a lot of money that than would go to small

Such a reform would be only a small step in the right direction
but as I believe one that can can be easy achieved in a short term.
It should be very strait forwards to convince a large portion of the government that
such a regulation is only fair, and I think even pro copyright politicians
will not have reasonable arguments against such an amendment.

David Xanatos from the PPÖ in Austria