Visa fullständig version : Seeking some help

2010-07-27, 13:05
G'day i'm from Australia and i'm also a pirate party supporter here in Australia, i'm seeking some help. I'm trying to get in touch with the leaders of the Swedish pirate party and discuss some private matters with them.

I've sent some pm's to some of the forum admins of the Australian pirate party members but haven't heard back yet so i'm looking to speed up the process.

So i hope some one might be able to hook me up with some emails or another method to get in touch with staff or the senior ranking leaders. As it regards to pirate matters.



2010-07-30, 10:29
Your lines are a very common describtion of nearly all pirate groupes' sitation.
Perhaps you take a look at this:
otherwise you just have to be patient. The swedish pirate party has an important election (19th September).
If "we" can help, just tell us more information about your request.

2010-07-30, 16:21
Cheers for the reply back, i've heard back from the guy's at Australia Pirate Party and they were able to help me out. So thank you kindly for the reply as well, and yes i'm aware of the elections and hope they do very well!