Visa fullständig version : German Pirate wants to meet

2010-08-20, 18:12
Hey everyone!

I'm a pirate from Germany and I'm going to visit Sweden. I'm quite active in the party and I'd really like to take the chance to meet some fellow pirates and talk about politics, the party, our similarities and differences and so on. Do you meet this weekend (we'll be arriving in Göteborg saturday evening and will probably stay 2 or 3 days), or would anyone like to meet?
Contact me here or via mail: anja_1912@hotmail.com.


2010-08-22, 09:58
I recomend using irc to contact people in the party (at least in Gothenburg).

Server: irc.piratpartiet.se
Channel: #gothenburg

Or simply use the link below if you are not familiar with irc.

Several pirates will meet at 12:00 (now on Sunday) to pack and move stuff. I expect a lot of work must be done, but a few people will probably have time to discuss PP etc.