Visa fullständig version : Getting 'Cassette Tape Pirate Flags'

Creed Shandor
2010-10-02, 01:13
How could we get flags, as many as possible, of the infamous "cassette tape skull and cross bones flag".


This basic image, only white skull&crossbones on black background.

Is the pirate party set up enough that they can provide us with flags to wave? I could maybe make one or two homemade on my own, but it'd be a lot more amazing to see dozens or hundreds of them.

Please email me if you know how we could get some of these flags.

Johan mlg Karlsson
2010-10-06, 23:51
Im happy to help you print them, but in order to make it even slightly economical you would need to buy at least a couple of hundred.

However, that is the logo of the recently dead Piratbyrån. Theyre history and IMO they should be kept dead.