Visa fullständig version : Who's The Most Respected Swedish VPN?

2010-12-19, 07:01
I've been looking for a VPN service, but with so many of them to choose from it can be hard.

I do not live in Sweden but I want to use VPN for my privacy online.

I know many of the VPN services in Sweden but I really don't know who I should trust and who offers the best service, with good security.

Does any VPN service stand out as the best in Sweden?


Johan mlg Karlsson
2010-12-19, 11:28

First one is run by Pirate Party people, second one is run by pirates as well, although not pirate party people.

Sven Petersson
2010-12-19, 11:47

2011-10-03, 07:26
Johan and Sven thank you very much for your reply...

SORRY it took me so long to reply, I got busy and forgot about my post...

prq gives you an assigned IP address so this is not good for privacy.

Ipredator I contacted 3 times and they never once sent me an email so this makes me think this is not good if you never reply to email...

For the PirateParty VPN, can people outside of Sweden use this?

Are there any other Swedish VPNs you can recommend and trust?

Also I find this about Portlane;


How is Portlane's Anonine?


2011-10-21, 03:50
I know I was a long time getting back to this post, but now I'm around.

Can we please get a nice list of good VPN services in Sweden?

Certainly there are more?