Visa fullständig version : Pirate Party of the United States

2006-06-09, 22:30
We have received the news of the Pirate Party of the United States (http://www.pirate-party.us/), inspired by its Swedish counterpart and founded on June 6th, 2006 (which happens to be the national day of Sweden). We wish them welcome to join the growing, global pirate movement, and we look forward to cooperate with them in making the world a better place for us to share with each other!

Hopefully they will soon set up their website and forum to accomodate the thousands of Americans eager to contribute their skills and resources to this laudable effort. In the meantime, I'm creating this thread to help exchange ideas and share experiences between our national party organizations, and with sympathizers around the world.

Sharing is caring, and even more so on an international level!

2007-10-13, 04:17
The website does not load for me--how long will it be down for?

2007-10-23, 02:41
I seldom visit their website, so I didn't notice any downtime a week ago (and neither did I read your note about it until now). The site appears accessible to me now anyway.