Visa fullständig version : Source of PiratePad

2012-01-04, 14:57
Hello there!

Is the source code of the PiratePad available, and if so, where? I really like the wiki feature and would want to use it within our startup on a private server. Thank you!

Johan mlg Karlsson
2012-01-04, 20:02

The source of Piratepad itself is not available, but the code of Etherpad ( http://etherpad.org/ ) that Piratepad is based on is available.
The only changes we have made is artwork and then some restart scripts for when it gets overloaded. They are however not needed unless you try to put thousands of users on a low power server. ;)

Youll find the code and instructions here: http://etherpad.org/

2012-01-04, 23:39
but what about the wikistyled links syntax (http://piratepad.net/wiki-style-links)?
or the backlink feature. that's not found in the regular etherpad, but very useful!

2012-01-05, 03:05
Look through forks of https://github.com/ether/pad , especially https://github.com/redhog/pad