Visa fullständig version : Getting out there

2006-06-21, 17:49

I notice several comments about not enough people knowing about you. In order to get the word out, do you think an e-mail campaign could work? The typical "forward this to everyone you know", except you ask people to forward this to any friend they think could be interested.

If so, you should keep a very serious tone and explain your three key points very briefly. And make the point about privacy just as important as file sharing.

Since this could backfire and people might think of it as a viral mail thing, you should keep it extremely brief. (Extremely! as in 2-3 lines of text, no more!)

Then just toss in a link to your home page and put the rest of the info there. And maybe start the page with

- a confirmation that this is not a chain mail.

- the original text for copy-paste purposes (forwarding often get very messy after a few hops.)

I think you could reach a lot of people using email. But it could also backfire, so make sure you do it correctly.

And make sure to get a press release out there as soon as you pass the Miljopartiet in member count. Should get some media attention by itself, and hopefully force them to make more room for you on a regular basis.

Nicklas W Bjurman
2006-06-21, 19:27
Hmm, det låter mycket intressant med med risken för att bli tagna som irriterande. Om det är många som startar detta samtidigt borde det gå fortare att sprida runt.

Förslag till text:

Piratpartietkandiderar till riksdagen i valet till september. De står för delad kultur, fri kunskap och skyddat privatliv. Piratpartiet vill att alla ska få kopiera och sprida kultur privat utan ekonomiskt intresse. Ta bort rätten till patent för att öka hastigheten av inovation och upptäckter. Förbjuda generell övervakning och datalagring av telefon och datanät.

För att få reda på mer gå till Piratpartiets hemsida http://www.piratpartiet.se

Ken Rabelius
2006-06-21, 19:36
Själv hatar jag spam, men om man skickar en gång till varje person så kanske det går, eftersom då är bara deleta om man inte är intresserad.

Tor Skude
2006-06-21, 19:45
I think it's a bad idea.

I sometimes receive these kinds of chain letters from my warm hearted but not always very smart firends. They are always a hoax (at least the letters that I receive).

"Forward this letter to 10 of your friends and you will ge a free Ericsson mobile phone"

"Forward this letter to 10 of your friends and you will not have to pay for MSN, Microsoft has started charging for it"

"Please forward this image to all your friends. It is a picture of a little girl that went missing in the Tsunami catastrophe, her parent's are desperate to know if anyone has seen her. If you have seen the girl on the picture, please call her parents on xxxxxx."

All of the above letters that I have received was started by ill-minded people who enjoys making fun of the not so smart-people who believes in the story that the letter is telling.

I don't think that this type of mailing will be of any benefit for us.

2006-06-22, 06:20
Yeah, an official campaign wouldn't really look good. Too close to spam. Forget about that suggestion.

But a big notice with "Help us reach out to people - Spread the word!" campaign wouldn't hurt. Instead of writing a spam-viral-ish mail, encourage every person that visit your page to tell their friends.

I could imagine a bright red "Tell your friends!" under the "Engagera dig" tab on the front page, making it obvious that everyone should spread the word.