Visa fullständig version : URL ?

2006-06-25, 21:40
I am HPK from french pirate piraty :


Do the Greek and the italien one have its own website ?

We could run a ring together or/and construct a webpage where all our links appears

Where are you website ?

I am very interested to point to you...

2006-06-25, 21:42
Sorry i wanted to answer an other post, you can delete it..i did not find the good button ))):D

Mods can delete it.

theodor sarafis
2006-06-27, 01:02
Hallo... I am Theodor Sarafis from Greece.

We are a group of people from different social spaces... universities, art, culture, business, research and others... We try to build a network about digital rights in physical and virtual time-space.

Our central goals are:

- the reforming of copyright patent and privacy laws at national and international level

- free digital access for all

- we believe in autonomy democratic net organization of people

- we fight for free expression of cultural diversity and pluralism

Unfortunately we dont have a web space until now.... but we work for this and soon we will be online

We are pleased that pirates movement attain roots in a global dimension. We believe that we should attain a global perspective too. Your idea about a european ring or website for pirates parties is great... We can discuss it through e-mail, this forum or your forum, but also in physical timespace in the near future.... My emai is theodor_sarafis@yahoo.co.uk

We salute our French com-networkers (as comrades) and we wish your party "tailwind"