Visa fullständig version : Parti Pirate - French Version - Details needed

2006-07-02, 20:14
Dear all,

First of all, i have to welcome your initiative.

I've been into Software/Hardware business since 10 years and i started to though about a world

without copyright without patent without ip

Knowledge is an universal propriety.

Imagine the world if the human beeing would have copyrighted the first agricultural tool, the wheel...

Knowledge is universal and should be available to anyone.

Sharing the knowledge is as natural as sharing the same air or the same water

I strongly believe into that since many years.

Anyway, i have learn about your action after visting some links about the french version of it.

From what we can read on the French version, you are accepting an affiliation between all differents similar initiative across the world.

That is fantastic ! and would probably bring the feeling to everyone that things could change !!

The dark aspect of it, while i found this web site extremely nice done and well thinked, is that the french version looks like something "unofficial" or "hacker".

You can't find any contact details on their site, the hosting is poor the design as well which doesn't help.

Recently they have given a recorded file to media and they diffused it on their TV news.

It was looking like a "bin laden" tape diffused..

In my opinion, this kind of action will deserve the mouvment.

They rather should publish arguments and example, as France opened the first copyrighted stuff some centuries ago with Gutemberg, DADVSI law now, Tax on Media and Memory, and many things that really needed to be dealed, explained, etc...

Giving no contact details, no real existence, publishing 'terrorist' style tape to the national TV

Well, the beginning sounds bad...

The reason why i'm posting those comments there, is because i'm hoping that you will be kind enough to paste me some contact details, even icq, msn or email or anything usefull.

So i could get in touch with them and see if we can build something serious

as we can help in hosting, design and many stuffs that would immediately have a positive impact on the visitors and for the "mouvment".

I also really think that such mouvement should fight against the digital rights like they are doing, but also against the patent and cultural/knowledge free spreading.

Thanx for your time,



2006-07-04, 18:43
One way to get in touch with the french pirates might be to send a private message or email to hpk or Acidoracle who both posted in this thread:


Just click on the name and chose Send private message or Send email.

For some odd reason I can not get to this part of the forum logged in, therefore I post as Anonymous,

Mårten Fjällström

Contact person for the Uppsala pirates