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2006-07-23, 15:45
Hi you all pirates. There is a big movement (http://partidopirata.es/) to create the party here in Spain, and i've got some questions.

On first place, a big debate is taking place about the name of the party. As many people were against the denomination of 'pirate', we have chosen to hold a ballot about the name of the party (http://www.partidopirata.es/wiki/index.php?title=Nombre_del_partido). The ballot will finnish this 27th and it's mandatory to register on the wiki in order to be able to vote for any option. Actually, the most voted name is "Partido Internauta" (Which means "internet users' party") and the second most voted is "Partido Pirata" (which means the traditional "pirate party").

One question will arise sooner or later and that's the system of afiliation to the party. I've heard that you have to send an sms to pay the money for the afiliation to the party... how does that work? And, how do you check if someone is registering himself twice or thrice.

And, how do you call for a meeting? I guess that it's the normal way (well, you may inform the afiliates through email), but i think that if we can assure that the registered members are unique, we can use that to hold a ballot on important subjects through the internet too. I don't know, i'd like to hear the experience that you have had in Sweden ;)

Nicklas W Bjurman
2006-07-23, 16:16
Regarding the name, I think now more then before it is good to be called Pirate party as pirate parties are popping up all over the world. It makes all the parties common knoweldge of what they stand for.

It also is a name that is different from other parties and makes us stand out. We have had the debate as well as other countries having the debate but in the end it seems like Pirate party is used because we want to retake the term from those who uses the word pirate to paint us as theives. I for one really hope you will name yourself Pirate party.

We have had people to accidently registered themselves twice or just enter fuubar as their personal information. We check these things manually and give those members the appropiate mesure as either demembering them or giving them an extra year of membership.

We have a system that sends out e-mails to all members we are resposnisble for in different regions and so on. So we have contact thru and call for meetings thru that very simple system.

2006-07-23, 17:22
Regarding the name I think it's better that you call yourself pirates and defines what it stands for. Rather than your opponents use that name for you anyway and let them define what it stands for.

Björn Felten
2006-07-23, 19:11
Findeton (2006-Jul-23)On first place, a big debate is taking place about the name of the party.

Just remember that the words Pirate Party have a huge momentum in the world wide press at the moment. If you decide not to use the Pirate theme you will probably lose a lot of good will -- nationally as well as internationally.

And then, of course, you will not be able to use all the free stuff we at the original Pirate Party offer to all newly formed parties all around the world (at the moment 11 and counting).

Rick Falkvinge
2006-07-23, 21:01
There is an "Internet Party" in Sweden too, which is completely unknown. That, in itself, may be a hint. As well as a Freedom of Information party, a Party.se, and some more I forget at the moment which has agendas very similar to ours.

The name "The Pirate Party" has been one of our most valuable assets. Everybody knows instantly who we are and what we stand for. Don't undervalue that. One of our posters just say "The Pirate Party: We Exist". That's a strength in a name if you ever had one.

Plus, as Björn was saying, there is now a network of Pirate Parties cropping up all over Europe. That community should not be underestimated, either.

Several people here questioned the name at first. They have all changed their minds, seeing the sheer strength of it. "Internet user" is not any more telling than "kitchen user" or "mobile phone user". "Pirate", however, that makes a clear statement.

But then again, it's your party.

2006-07-24, 16:28
Basically, I agree with you all, the best name is the name of "Pirate Party". I think you will be pleased to know that at this moment the ballot is 67-60, winning Pirate Party. It's important to point out, though, that the ballot has yet 3 days more so anything could happen.

2006-07-24, 19:15
Just one question more: i've been playing with The Gimp and i've come with an idea:


I would like to be able to put another text, the one that means pirate party in spanish, but i need a 'd' and a 'o'. I don't know if here is the best place to ask, but i think trying here won't do any bad.

BTW: the poll is 72-60 winning Pirate Party!

2006-07-25, 10:07
...maybe I missed the point, but why put the Pirate Party name on a Pirate Bay logo? They are quite different things.

In fact in my opinion it's avery good thing to keep the different pirate institutions separated. (In Sweden there are three major ones: The Pirate Party, The Pirate Bay and The Pirate Bureau, which in my view started the whole thing.) There are many advantages of doing this:

- If the institutions are separatedand the Media lobbytries to take us down theyhave todo itone by one rather than all at a time. Example:During the Pirate Bay raid the Pirate Bureau's server was also seized. In an act of illegal censorship the court has refused to give the Pirate Bureau's server back.

- They have very different roles, so keeping them separated is good for clarity.

2006-07-28, 09:44

The voting has finished. So we are now formally the Spanish PARTIDO PIRATA.


Lukas Klingsbo
2006-07-30, 00:39
Good, I liked that name much more then the other!