Visa fullständig version : http://www2.piratpartiet.se/international/deutsch that's what?

2006-07-25, 01:21
the german text is NOT a translation of the same english version for sure!

(not sure about the swedish original from your party)

I don't really speak swedish ;)

for this page: http://www2.piratpartiet.se/international/english

you find a translation of the meaning into german words in the german wiki:


from what i can tell as a native german with my english knowledge THATS a good translation what you have posted on your site. so if YOUR english translation of your own swedish text is ok than that german version would be ok also.

The text you have now is something from the austrian party, but it is NOT a 1:1 translation of YOUR page



2006-07-25, 01:34
the other parts are

pharma patents



the principles


(note that i have not yet checked these 2 if they are translated very well. but i guess the guy who translated this stuff knows what he has done :)