Visa fullständig version : Spain Piracy

2006-07-28, 05:20
-Piracy is not a political or terrorist crime!

-Piracy is a share libary not a crime

-when State don´t invest in free culture for our citizens -we had to do some

-EU should take money from farmers and give everyone even poor free culture

-Pat. sucks "Open Source" solves all artist problems instead not any conflict

-Free culture should be a human right for everyone

-We don´t steal we share without mooney involved

-invest in Piracy not war!!

-and no military against Piracy

-we don´t need USA involved and Special Police taskforce -everyone need libaries even all artists and poor people students oldies

-Piracy is not a crime at all we don´t steal

laws of tradition
2006-07-30, 20:05
Ok... Is there something in specific you want to tell us? Or need help with?