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2006-08-10, 22:06
Hello! My Name is René Fajs and i am living and working in Salzburg/Austria.

Take a look onto the Site www.magpie-world.org.

A goal of MAGPIE is it to carry out and report on the topic data security clearing-up. Since we do not have any financial interest, but in principle only some in knowledge to abandon to want, we accept no direct orders of companies, give to these however gladly Tipps or as advisors to the side. For interested private people we offer also free support for certain topics in some cases. EDP - Technicians/Technicfreaks or hackers (bad-willingly do not operate it, but make attentive only on safety gaps) can us follow at any time (email on: info@magpie-world.com)

(This is an automatical translation by Google)

greets René

2006-08-21, 11:46
René, why don't you post the original untranslated german text as well as the translation.

Automatic translations aren't that great yet, and there are quite a few Swedes and other who can read german.