Visa fullständig version : VPN login error

2006-08-15, 16:15
After paying with VISA (not a problem) I set up my VPN client according to the online instructions. For user name I tried all of the following:

a) the user id

b) the User name

c) Name

d) Email address

all of which were provided in the payment confirmation form after signup

For my password I used the one supplied for the site and returned to me in an email: mw3210lind@imap.cc

NONE of the combinations workded, could someone please help by responding to my supplied email address above.


Snild Dolkow
2006-08-16, 16:12
Hi! Welcome to the forums of the Pirate Party.

While there is an agreement between Piratpartiet and Relakks, we don't (and lack the proper expertise to) provide support for the Relakks service. Sure, we'll always try to help out as much as we can, but our responses will never be official Relakks support.

That being said, I really have no idea what your error stems from. It could be what Relakks.com currently says:

We have been completely overwhelmed by the interest in our services. Whilst we are extremely happy about this, our vpn-servers aren't. Neither is our banking partner. Both are having an extremely hard time keeping up with the interest. This manifests itself in two ways:

1. Payments are denied for no apparent reason.

2. Performance on the vpn-servers isn't good enough.

We are working with our partners to solve these matters, but in the meantime we can only ask you to not loose faith - we'll fix the problems.

Thanks for your patience!


Otherwise, the official support for Relakks would be the e-mail address supplied on their FAQ page; support@relakks.com (mailto:support@relakks.com).