Visa fullständig version : Darknet, Relakks and Freedom

2006-08-15, 16:40
Living in Canada, I feel a lot of empathy for the work that you people are doing in Sweden to preserve what is left of our freedom. So I was very pleased to be able to contribute a bit by joining the Relakks Darknet... until I realized that the only free platform, Linux, was not supported. It is kind of ironic that to participate in the movement for freedom we have to use two platforms (M$ and Apple) that do their best to strip us of our fair rights. Relakks will get a few new clients (me and my friends) as soon as Linux will be supported.

Thank you anyhow.


2006-08-15, 18:29
Are you sure that the GNU/Linux/*BSD PPTP client available at this page does not work?


I agree that it may not have been the smartest move to use PPTP instead of an SSH tunnel or something similar, and I haven't tested it myself, but from the webpage on SourceForge it looks pretty mature.

Rick Falkvinge
2006-08-15, 20:02

Linux is supported, as Relakks is using standard PPTP. Several of us are using Linux with the service.

2006-08-16, 01:39
Thank you for the information, but maybe it could be stated clearly that Linux is a supported platform; only M$ and Mac are mentioned. So, for those of us who are not that much of a geek, it's difficult to know. Anyway, mentioning Linux explicitly would be great.


2006-08-18, 01:29
I'm a Linux and Relakks user in Canada and I can confirm that pptpconfig is fully compatable. :D Love the service guys keep up the good work.