Visa fullständig version : International/English Relakks Support Forum

2006-08-16, 18:04
Hi guys,

As you are enjoying some significant international exposure and no doubt signups for Relakks, can I suggest adding an international tech support forum here so users can help troubleshoot each other instead of burying you guys in tech support emails.

No doubt your are getting asked the same question over and over again so a link to a tech support forum here from the Relakks home page might make life a little easier.

Snild Dolkow
2006-08-16, 21:00
First of all, read my post here (http://forum.piratpartiet.se/Topic47645-78-1.aspx). That is why there isn't, and will probably never be, a link from the Relakks web page to a support forum here.

Second, there actually is a Relakks forum four steps below this one. To my knowledge, however, this is not an official support forum, but rather a discussion of the Relakks service and the cooperation between the Pirate Party and Relakks.

2006-08-16, 23:26
Ahh thanks for clearing that up.

Well, I hope for the sake of the sanity of the Relakks guys that they do get a community forum setup for repeat problems (I work for a software company so i know the hell of support).