Visa fullständig version : So, is Relakks working for the US or not?

2006-08-21, 02:54
Sorry if this forum is inappropriate but I read a few other posts concerning whether Relakks can be used from the US and so I decided to ask for help. I signed up for an account with Relakks a few days ago. The (very sparse) web site said that they were having trouble with the overwhelming response and that they were working on it. For myself, I created the VPN connection on Windows XP with no problem and it seems to connect as well with no problem. However, while the connection is active web addresses are never resolved (my browser -- Firefox -- cannot find any web sites while the Relakks connection is active). The characteristic of the failure looks like my computer cannot find a DNS server to use to resolve the addresses. Yet here on this forum I read that there are other users in the US using the service with no problem.

So, is there something else I need to do on my computer to use the Relakks VPN service from the US?

Snild Dolkow
2006-08-21, 16:56
Hi. Yes, emma is you. How very nice. :P

Actually, this is the wrong forum. There is a part of this forum called "Relakks", which is the de facto support forum. Since I'm such a friendly pirate, however, I'll try to help. ;)

Start menu -> Run, "cmd", Enter.

"ipconfig /all", Enter

Give us the addresses for the configured DNS servers, or, if you're adequately knowledgable about these things, determine the possibility of reaching this server from outside your ISP's network. I'm not sure it should matter, but it would be my guess. Check to see if Autoconfiguration is enabled, and tell us about that too.