Visa fullständig version : wireless access share point (WASP)

2006-09-03, 16:21
I think it should be possible to avoid many of the problems with todays internet based filesharing by setting up a wireless share point in the home, like this:

1. buy a wireless hardisk

2. set it into ad-hoc wireless mode wide open, with the SSID "WASP"

3. seed it with some files

4. let anyone in your neighbourhood upload/download to it.

there are now available external harddisks with built in wireless connections, e.g. D-LINK DSM-G600 W-LAN NETWORK STORAGE (1356:- SEK without disk)

by putting this up in your apartment window and opening it wide open so anyone in the area can connect, then you will create an place for people to share files.

Of course you would NOT connect it to the internet, therefore it will only be visible in the local area and untraceable from the internet.

By running it in ad-hoc mode then the unit would be able to talk to other similar units within range, allowing you to d/l from them as well. With sufficient density then maybe a downtown

area could be covered such a network allowing access to hundreds of such disks.

From a security viewpoint, the worst that could happen is that someone deletes the contents of the disk, so it might be a good idea to back it up from time to time. or make some directories read-only.


2006-09-03, 20:16
There is a lot of talk in computer media about securing your wireless.

When my internetconnection went down I could manage by my friendly neighbours unprotected wireless networks.

After that I wondered to my self, why protect my own wireless? Wouldn't it be great if everyone just let it loose?

I use maybe 1% of my internet bandwidth so why not let other people use it if they need?


2006-09-03, 22:54
One reason to secure your connection is that the agreement you signed for it says you aren't allowed to let others use it. In other words, your broadband provider want you to secure it for their benefit, and you've agreed to do so.

It's up to you whether you want to honor that agreement, of course...

2006-09-04, 04:28
And someone downloading child pornografy from your connection can mess you up. You don't want the police storming in in the middle of the night to seize your beloved box.

2006-09-04, 12:06
Sharing your network connection is probably ok with people you know, but I wouldn't want to let just anyone in.

Although what I actually meant with WASP was that the wireless disk would not be connected to the internet it would simply be a place

to upload and download files. In a built up area then several such wireless points could build their own ad-hoc network so that you could

look for stuff on a remote disk, but none would be internet connected.

So if you needed a particular file then you might find it on the wasp network, without having to risk running some p2p program on your own

internet connection.