Visa fullständig version : The italian Pirate Party is a bug

2006-09-17, 18:17
Her's a mail that Athos Gualazzi, the former president of the italian Pirate Party (PiratPartiet.it / Partito-Pirata.it) sent on Aug 18, 2006 to Colonel Umberto Rapetto, that's the chief of the G.A.T.. The G.A.T. is the specialized group of the italian police called "Guardia di Finanza", devoted to the repression of filesharing and Umberto Rapetto, which received an RIAA medal for his "work", when the Pirate Bay server was closed by swedish police, wrote some articles on the press, asking to make the same in Italy.

As you can read this email is too much colloquial for the president of a party that will defend the filesharers' rights and it was sent without asking the consent of other party members. If there will be a confrontation it must be public, not trough a colloquial mail! Why asking to a "technician" (of repression) the help to know if the italian PP positions are correct according to law? If he's so afraid to breaking unjust laws, imho he's not adequate to represent italian filesarers. And I hope he's only a stupid man, who doesn't know absolutely what's politics...and not something worst. I'm really sad, we never reach the goals of Pirat Partiet with people like this. And he's not alone.

This is the original message in italian:

From: athos

To: info@gat.gdf.it, servizioemail@piratpartiet.it

Date: 18-ago-2006 14.17

Subject: [servizioemail] Partito-pirata personale Col. U.Rapetto

Ho letto della sua dichiarazione sulla stampa e chiaramente mi sorgono

dubbi. Le confesso la mia scarsa cultura sia giuridica che informatica,

ciò non toglie la mia volontà di raggiungere gli obiettivi enunciata nel

"manifesto" del sito che amministro (spero provvisoriamente in quanto

riconosco i miei limiti) http://www.piratpartiet.it

naturalmente, come leggerà sul web, nel pieno rispetto della legge

attuale che ci attiviamo per cambiare. Sono convinto che abbiamo

necessità di un confronto con un tecnico quale è Lei per procedere il

più correttamente possibile. Se ritiene suo dovere o, sarebbe molto

meglio, piacere delucidarci in merito alle ns posizioni Le saremmo molto


Grazie dell'attenzione

Athos Gualazzi


and this is the translation in english I did:

From: athos

To: info@gat.gdf.it, servizioemail@piratpartiet.it

Date: 18-ago-2006 14.17

Subject: [servizioemail] Pirate-party personal (email to) Col. U.Rapetto

I red your press declarations and clearly some doubts rose to me. I confess you my insufficient legal and informatic culture, but I wish to reach the goals we enunciated in the “manifesto” on the website - of which I'm the webmaster (I hope temporarily, cause I recognize my limits) - http://www.piratpartiet.it, naturally - as you will read on the website - in the full respect of the law, we're activating to change. I think we need a confrontation with a technician like you in order to proceed in the most correct way. We ask you if you will help us to know if our positions are correct, according to law."

Thanks for the attention

Athos Gualazzi


2006-09-17, 18:45
That sounds strange... Is he not aware that the function of politicians is to... eh... change the law?

Ken Rabelius
2007-01-19, 05:07
<DIV>Sounds like he isnt engaged enough to actually wanna make a change......</DIV><DIV></DIV><DIV>i wonder why he actually joined the pirate party in the first place....:doze:</DIV>

2007-03-24, 02:29
Well, from what I read of this message, knowing nothing about the ways politics works in Italy, the only flaw he is showing up here is his ignorance. He is trying to seek advice by displaying his ignorance on the matter, from someone who hasn't previously shown support for the pirate movement nonetheless.

He is not actually erring in saying that he is not a professional law man, because he probably isn't. He is also not wrong in stating that the Pirate Party does not want to transgress the current law of propaganda spreading and information sharing, and this is what he is stating, not that he does not want to change the laws.

What he should consider for later propositions to people in power is that he does not openly display how much he doesn't know, but rather emphasises that which he does know. People do not suffer fools gladly, as they say.